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15kw solar system project - a standard configuration

If you are worried about how to configure a solar power system, you can refer to this solar system configuration


1. 15kw Solar panel
Jinko solar panel: 550W x 28pcs


2. 15.36kwh Lifepo4 battery
Orient Power powerwall battery: 5.12Kwh x 3pcs


3. 12kw inverter
Deye 12Kw hybrid inverter: 12Kw x 1pc

Continuing with this 15kw solar system project, we will further explore its various components and their roles in the entire system.


First, about the Jinko solar panel, this panel is known for its high efficiency and excellent durability. It is designed to maximize the absorption of solar energy and convert it into electricity, thereby providing clean, renewable energy for homes or businesses. By installing these solar panels, users can reduce their dependence on traditional energy sources while reducing carbon emissions and contributing to environmental protection.

Next, let's talk about the Lifepo4 battery. This battery is widely praised for its high energy density, long life and safety. It is able to provide stable energy support for the system when the solar panel cannot provide enough power. In this 15kw solar system, the Lifepo4 battery is able to store about 15.36kwh of electricity, ensuring that the system can operate normally in any situation.


Orient Power's powerwall battery is an important component. This battery is loved by users for its high efficiency and compact design. Each battery module has a capacity of 5.12Kwh and can be combined as needed to meet the energy needs of different systems. In this project, Orient Power batteries are perfectly combined with solar panels and inverters to provide powerful energy support for the system.


Finally, we would like to introduce the Deye 12Kw hybrid inverter. This inverter has the characteristics of high performance, high efficiency and stability, and can convert the DC power generated by the solar panel into AC power for home or business use. At the same time, it can also intelligently manage the charging and discharging process of the battery to ensure that the battery is always in the best condition. In this 15kw solar system, the Deye inverter plays a vital role, which ensures the stable operation of the system and provides users with reliable power support. The visual control system enhances the user experience!


In summary, this 15kw solar system project example is an efficient, environmentally friendly and reliable energy solution. By installing high-quality components such as Jinko solar panels, Orient Power batteries and Deye hybrid inverters, the system can provide stable and clean energy support for homes or businesses, while reducing carbon emissions and contributing to environmental protection.

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