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How to adjust Max charging current --Max7200


When LV6548/Max6.5K/Max7200 inverter connect with more than 1 lifepo4 batteries in pylon protocol communication mode, the default maximum charging current is preset as

50A (1battery);

100A (2batteries);

120A (3batteries).

In PYL communication mode.

50A (1battery)
100A (2batteries)
120A (3batteries)

What if we want to avoid possibility that all 120A sending to 1 battery, which reachs full charge the last?

The maximum charging current can be manually changed from parameter 02, the steps as following:

In pylon protocol communication mode, inverter detect connected battery quantity, to define max charging current.

The current can be manually adjusted from parameter 02.

Long press 'enter' key, navigate to parameter 02, press enter to set the value, use 'up' key to adjust to wanted current, press 'enter'to save.

For example LV6548:

In pylon communication mode, max current default is 120A. follow the above mentioned method, it can be adjusted to 100A or less.

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