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Powerwall Battery

How to choose a battery?

Powerwall Battery

En Powerwall-produkt

Det bästa för hemmet

Ett genomsnittligt hem använder cirka 25 kWh energi per dag.

Ett litet hem kan använda så lite som 10 kWh och ett stort hem kan använda 40 kWh eller mer per dag.


Tesla använder japanska cylindriska celler, Orient Power använder Kinas största telekommärke customized kvadratiska celler.

Med Orient Power 48100PW kan du få 40,96kwh för samma pris som en singel 13,54kwh Tesla Powerwall, Still waiting? 

OEM-projekt, maila oss:

Never miss out the hot sale product


100Ah - 230Ah

Powerwall and Server Rack

7000 Cycle

Communicate with inverters

OP24V100 24V 100Ah Battery.jpg


24V Designed for RV

7000 Cycles

Easy install high energey storage battery

OP12V230 RV Battery Lead Acid Replacement.jpg

100Ah - 230Ah

Metal case


RV Lead acid replacement

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3-5 business days.

Quality assured

As a Huawei supply chain factory, our battery and inverter are with same standard.

All products are covered by a warranty service.

We have warehouse in many countries, including Germany, Romania, USA, Canada, Australia

Secure Payments

Pay by debit or credit card, PayPal, or other secure payment platform.

Contact us via email, phone or online customer service.

Why buy from the Orient Power store?

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Customer review

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Good quality


Most beautiful battery


Tested more than any other batteries

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