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4 Steps Battery Communication with Sol-Ark / Deye Inverter

1.Connect Communication Cable

Use RJ45 cable from battery package.


2.Set Battery Address

Master battery connect to Sol-Ark/Deye Inverter only.


3.Select Protocol (optional)

Latest version Orient Power powerwall battery and Jakiper Battery are loaded as Pylon CAN Protocol by default.

[If you have our those latest version battery, Skip this step]

If you have other model battery, adjust the protocol as below.

4.Inverter Setting

For Sol-Ark / Deye Inverter, inverter will automatic recognize the protocol after time delay.

Ensure all 4 steps completed correctly, then start battery & inverter to check communication.

Video for reference:

Sol-Ark/Deye Inverter--Powerwall Battery & Jaiper Battery

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